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How to Start Using ActualizeIt

Logging In

ActualizeIt launcher file and add favorite host dialog
  • To access ActualizeIt, you will need FileMaker Pro and a Launcher file or the IP of the server. You can add the host name or IP as a favorite.
  • Click on the Launcher and log in using your username and password.

The ActualizeIt Process

ActualizeIt Process: 1-Create Bid, 2-Award Bid, 3-Automatically Create Job, 4-Schedule Resources, and 5-Track Actuals
1. Create BidProcess starts by creating a new bid
2. Award BidAward the bid to client/partner(s)
3. Automatically Create JobJob is automatically created when bid is awarded
4. Schedule ResourcesSchedule resources after job is created
5. Track ActualsTrack actuals for Work Orders and Purchase Orders

Dashboard and Main Navigation

Screenshot of the ActualizeIt dashboard with callouts for the A. Main navigation, B. Resources portal, C. Timesheets portal, and D. Quick Links
A. Main NavigationUse the main navigation to access data within the system.
B. ResourcesView scheduled resources for current day.
C. TimesheetsClick here to access your timesheets.
D. Quick LinksUse the Quick Links to view open bids, active jobs, and un-approved time.

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