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Logging In

  • To access ActualizeIt, you will need FileMaker Pro and a Launcher file or the IP of the server. You can add the host name or IP as a favorite.
  • Click on the Launcher and log in using your username and password.

The ActualizeIt Process

1 - Create Bid

Process starts by creating a new bid

2 - Award Bid

Award the bid to client/partner(s)

3 - Automatically Create Job

Job is automatically created when bid is awarded

4 - Schedule Resources

Schedule resources after job is created

5 - Track Actuals

Track actuals for Work Orders and Purchase Orders

Dashboard and Main Navigation

A - Main Navigation

Use the main navigation to access data within the system.

B - Resources

View scheduled resources for current day.

C - Timesheets

Click here to access your timesheets.

D - Quick Links

Use the Quick Links to view open bids, active jobs, and un-approved time.

Stay up to date on the latest ActualizeIt developments.