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Additional instructions for navigating and using ActualizeIt:

Add people or companies to bids and jobs

People and companies throughout are in dropdown lists based on the people and companies sections. If you don’t see a particular person or company, you can add them directly in the Bid or Job view.

Add People & Companies

Click the "+" button to the right of the field.

Change my user name

User Name

Change your default user name under Preferences in the FileMaker Pro menu.

Expand fields for more info

Expand Data

Click anywhere you see an arrow/triangle. In the example above, this will expand the comments setion.

Mouse over buttons for explanation

Tool Tips

Mouse over any button for a description of that function and the key command.

Multifunction buttons

Multifunction Buttons

Some buttons have multiple functions. The shift key is used as a modifier, e.g., clicking on the arrow will duplicate the item, and pressing shift then clicking will delete it.

Navigate to related jobs, bids, work orders, etc.

Related Item

Other arrows will take you to that related item. This is a good way of navigating the system while staying within a given project.

Note: The buttons in the main navigation will take you to that section in general, but not always to your related project.

Send email to a contact or the whole team

1. Email Icon (list row)

If a contact has an associated email address, click the email icon to send an email with your default email application.

2. Email Icon (field header)

Click the icon at the top of the list to send an email to the whole team.

Note: Shift click on the email icon (in the field header or list row) will also include a PDF of the Bid in the Bid section.

Shortcuts and keyboard commands

Section-specific Menus

Check the section-specific menus for additional shortcuts and keyboard commands.

Sort items in a list

Field Headers

Click on the field headers in any list view to sort by that field.

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