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Creating a New Bid

1. Navigate to Bids

From the Dashboard, click 'Bids' in the Main Navigation.

2. Select Bid Type

Click and hold the '+' button open the popup menu; select the bid type.

3. Create the Bid

Once bid type is selected, click the '+' to create the bid.

4. New Bid Dialog

Choose whether to start a new bid group or add to an existing bid group.

Duplicating a Bid

1. Duplicate Button

Click on the 'Duplicate' icon to duplicate a bid.

2. Bid Group Portal

If you add a new version to an existing bid group, it will be added to the Bid Group portal.

3. Duplicate Bid Dialog

Choose whether to start a whole new bid, or add a new version to an existsing bid group.

Awarding a Bid to Start a Job and Track Actuals

1. Award Job Button

Click the 'Award Job' button to change the Bid status to Awarded.

2. Select Bid

The selected Bid will show as "Awarded" here.
Job will automatically open in a new screen.

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