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Scheduling Rooms & Equipment

Schedule Inventory / Equipment

Photo of the Inventory Detail with the Check-In and Check-Out buttons highlighted
Inventory / EquipmentAny kind of physical asset (hard drives, gear, equipment) can be added to the inventory section. Barcode scanning is available via the check in/check out function using a bar code scanner or camera on a mobile device. Shipping tickets can also be generated using the ship function.

Schedule Rooms

Photo of the Schedule section showing the Week view with the Room list highlighted
RoomsTo book rooms, select ‘Rooms’ from the Week or Day view of the Schedule. Rooms can be added or edited under the Schedule Preference section of the admin area.

Manage Inventory from a Mobile Device

ActualizeIt comes with the ability to manage your inventory from your mobile device. Users can add new items and check-in/check-out or ship existing items.

Inventory Home screen on mobile
Inventory Home ScreenFrom the inventory home screen users can search, scan and view a list of inventory items.
Using the mobile app to scan a barcode to add it to the system
Scanning BarcodeScanning a barcode not currently in the system will allow users to add it to inventory.
Entering information after the barcode has been scanned and added to the system
Barcode InfoAfter adding the item users can fill in item information.
Check an existing item in or out of inventory on mobile
Check In / Check OutUsers are also able to scan a barcode to then check an existing item in or out of inventory.
Inventory List on mobile
Inventory ListUsers can also view a list of inventory items.

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